tiny dancer

February 23rd, 2009

Here I was back in 1975.  I sit here now,  not quite ready to prepare for my Buddhist ArtH mid terms…Instead I am reliving my very distant youth. Isn’t that what grandmas do?  (while drinking sweet Raspberry wine and thinking about spring).  Where did the years go and what makes us drift back to the past when the present is wonderful?  India left an indelible mark on me.  An accidental click on a google search took me back 33 years this weekend.

I loved Bharata Natyam; I thought I would never forget the dance or meaning of each gesture; I have forgotten them all long ago. I do remember dancing and loving it. So I searched my closet and found this page I kept from a scrapbook I discarded years ago.   The American Embassy School Music and Dance Students, under the direction of Miss Lucia Maloney, invite you to their dance recital.

After coming across this website I found the email address of the ‘boy next door’ from B-58 Greater Kailash and he sent me this photo of our old house.  He was more the ‘boy upstairs’ actually!  My family lived on the ground floor of this house; his family was upstairs.  We had some great times as kids, and found our fair share of trouble as well!

The website has our old year books posted, too.  That’s me on the left with two friends Arlette and Sophia.  So even though I am likely to forget a few dates later this week, what was the significance of the Bala Buddha?, I can remember these old friends and the stain I got on the jeans I borrowed from Arlette in 7th grade!  Oil paint actually…some things just don’t change!


  1. Doug "The Boy Upstairs" Taylor Says:

    Wonderful pictures. Wonderful writing. I do recall that you did “the scarf thing” quite often… but you did make it work!

  2. Doug "The Boy Upstairs" Taylor Says:

    One more look, one more comment: “Tiny Dancer” is the perfect name for the perfect picture, right down to the Bindi. That picture is a keeper. Makes me sad as those days have become so important to me and I wished I recognized the moment we were in before it passed.

  3. Nina Says:

    I like those photos! That’s really neat. I remember dressing up in those jingle bell ankle things! I would pretend they came from Santa’s sleigh. Have a fun trip!! Love you.

  4. Reverend Says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters, what a great post, and this time travel through the blog is my favorite way to use this medium. It is the ultimate time machine.

  5. Tim Brown Says:

    Hi Katharine, Am delighted that the alumni network at http://aisaes.org helped you get in touch with old friends. BTW Doug Taylor was instrumental in getting the yearbook scanning project started, I don’t think any of them would be online now without him. Hope to meet you at the reunion in July. -tim

  6. Arlette Says:

    Way too hip & in time & ahead of your time with the “LOOK.”

  7. Daniela Says:

    Wonderful pictures, Katy!! I also studied Bharata Natyam for a little while…. tayum ta ta, tayum ta….

  8. Pixy Kohli Kauble Says:

    How beautifully shared, Katherine….thank you!!
    music and all… Elton John was a big companion
    for me in my Delhi Days. 🙂