Han Yajuan

Before the Big Night, 2008

Oil on canvas

Like many people born in the 1980s, she is constantly in pursuit of new sensations and fresh experiences and her paintings reveal that overarching quest of her generation. The cartoon-like language in Han Yajuan’s works not only effectively represents the romance and simplicity of this group, but also shows the difference between their visual understanding and visual representation. These young artists share similar life experiences and most of them have subconsciously acquiesced to consumerism through their art.

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“Because art is universally human and one of the highest forms of individual and political expression, the exchange of art and culture is a powerful tool in finding common ground and building more stable relationships, mutual affection for the things that unite us, and genuine respect — even where we differ”.  click here

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Meridian Center last night to view Metropolis Now!  Tomorrow is your last opportunity to get to DC to view exhibition; you should try.  It is the first time such an exhibit has been on view in DC. 31 artists are represented by 52 artworks; painting, mixed media, sculpture, and  video; all address changes taking place in Chinese cities. While the giant ants certainly attract a lot of attention, I was drawn to Before the Big Night, returning to look at it several times.  I am glad I didn’t miss this show or the venue; every time I get out in DC I make a wonderful discovery!

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